What's new about us? Let's look, what have we done also in the year 2010, 2009

Amir mated Ceana z Temného hvozdu "Sara". Five beautiful puppies were born on the 6th Sept 2013. All of them already have new owners, we wish them happy life!
More info in PUPPIES.

Also our litters B (border collies) and G (yorkshire terriers) have birthday. They are 3 years old. Happy Birthday!

Our litter A (border collies) and our Amir celebrate 5 years! Happy Birthday!

Hermiona was judged by the breeding commission of yorkshire terrier´s club and she is brood bitch now.

Our youngest litter H (yorkshire terriers) celebrates first birthday! They´re great dogs and we wish them lots of love and fun!
Let´s look how big they are :) (click on the names)
Harmonie, Hermiona, Hektor, Hamlet

December 2011

Unfortunately Bela born only dead puppies. They were dead many days before the birth, the cause is unknown. We are really sad, but life rolls on. Fortunately Bela is ok.

27th Dec - Dasha celebrates, she is 6 years old. Happy Birthday, Dasha!

26th Dec - We are still waiting for the puppies... Bela maybe thinks she has lots of time :-)

23th Dec - Puppies should come very soon. Everything is prepared for them and we are waiting. Will they come on the 24th December? :-)


November 2011
Bela was tested by ultrasound scan and the mating was succesfull! She expect puppies and we are looking forward to them :-)

October 2011
On the 22nd October 2011 Bela was mated by Templemoyle KY Twilight "KY".

Summer 2011
Bela - PRA, Kat. LL, Glaucoma free

Agility competitions

Fitmin Cup, Ceska Trebova CZ
Bela - agility: 1st place/16, jump&exam: el
Dasha - jumping: 4th place/20, exam A3: 5th place, agility: ?
Brit Cup, Prerov CZ
Dasha - exam A3: 3th place, jumping: 5th place/22, agility: 10th place
Bela - jumping: 13th place, agility&exam: el

Our yorkshire boy Godric Nebelvir (called Toby) won Slovak National Cup of terriers and he was on the 4th place on Slovak National Cup. Congratulations!!! Toby, only two years old, is in the elite category A3!

New photos of litters in their galleries...here

April 2011
All yorkshire puppies are at their new homes. Good Luck to our lovely babies!

Dasha - first competitions after puppies in the elite category A3:
Brno Zetor, CZ - A3 exam: 3th place (excellent)
Prostejov, CZ - A3 exam: 3th place (very good)
Nobody would say she had had puppies short time ago :-))

Bela celebrates 7 years! And she is full of elan and optimism like a puppy.

March 2011
Bela started on three competitions this year till now. And her results:
March 2011
Mikulov, CZ - 1.exam LA2: 4th place, 2.exam LA2: 8th place, together: 2nd place
February 2011
Mikulov, CZ - 1.exam LA2: 2nd place, 2.exam LA2: 4th place, together: 1st place
Hodonin, CZ - el (misunderstanding :-)

Litter H - Dasha has 4 beutiful pups. Look at their photos: Hektor, Hermiona, Harmonie, Hamlet.

Godric Nebelvir of our yorkshire terrier's litter G passed obedience exam (ZOP) and he started on the official agility competition for the first time and he passed two SA1 exams, congratulations!

Amir and our border collie's litter A celebrate 4 years. Happy birthday!

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