Our activities in the year 2009

4th August 2009 - It's very long time from the last update. We were active and our dogs have some new successes. Let look through our results, videos and photos :-)
Agility results:
26th July 2009 - Agility competition in Ostrava, CZ (judge: Lukac + Lukacova, SK)
Bela - jumping1: 1st place!!! (of 32 teams), jumping2: 3th place!!! (both runs clear!), jumping3: dis
Dasha - jumping1: 3th place! (of 22 teams)
Coursing results:
12th July 2009 - Coursing club competition in Tisnov, CZ (unofficial)
Amir - 1st place!!
Bela - 2nd place!!

Dog-show results:
27th June 2009 - International dog show in Brno, CZ (judge: Krinke, CZ)
Amir (open class) - excellent 1

Many of our litters have new photos in their photogaleries! Look in PUPPIES and choose the litter and the concrete puppy (or the adult dog), what are you interested in. I recommend: herding Astra, Bonney with mum.

13th June 2009: Agility competition Prostejov CZ (judge: Jirina Mackova CZ)
Bela - 1.exam LA2: 5th place, 2.exam LA2: 5th place (Bella isn't in the best condition now after the puppies, but it comes!)
Amir - 1.exam LA1: dis, 2.exam LA1: dis (Amir is better and better, but we must train.)
Next time will Dasha compete too.

New photos of our litters (Many thanks to new owners!!!)
Border collies: Brilliant, Bella, Babetta, Bonney and of the first litter: Angie
Yorkshire terriers: Gulliver, Godric Nebelvir, Galaxie, Goblin

Who has the longest tongue?

4th June 2009: Nearly all puppies already have new owners :) You can see their photos with the owners and photos from new home in their photogaleries. Only Border puppies Bonney und Bella will stay till summer holiday.
Border collies- litter B - here.
Yorkshire terriers - litter G - here.

27th May 2009: Puppies have new photos in their photogaleries again.
Border-puppies here, yorkshire-puppies here.
Some older photos (1 month old pups) find you here.

17th May 2009: Border-puppies have some new photos in their photogaleries. Thank you, Darie!

8th May 2009: Puppies have new photos :) Two yorkshire boys are avaible.
Father of yorkshire puppies - Qurino visited us today, so you can look on family yorkshire photos :-)

Angie ze Stribrne Planety (our A litter) was on national dog show in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia and she recieved excellent 4 (of 6 females in open class).
(Judge: Milan Krinke)

Amir passed ZOP exam (obedience/service training). He gained 93 points (of 100), valuation: excellent.

17th April 2009: Border- and yorkshire- puppies have new photos in their photogaleries (more in PUPPIES).

13th April 2009: Puppies have new photos in their photogaleries and they already have got names. All border-puppies are reserved. Some yorkshire-boys are avaible! More info about border-puppies and about yorkshire-puppies.

9th April 2009: Puppies are born! More info in PUPPIES.

22nd March 2009: Amir is stud dog!

21st March 2009: Amir passed BH exam :-)

12th March 2009: We recieved results of Bela's DNA tests. DNA TNS - not TNS, DNA CL - clear! :-)
So whole our litter B will be DNA CEA, CL & TNS normal/free.

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